Q: Who is Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc.?

A: Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. is a company located just outside of St. Louis that is committed to medical document retrieval for insurance companies and attorneys. Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. uses our own customer software package providing online medical document management to claims and underwriting departments.

Q: Can Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. obtain medical records nationwide?

A: Yes. We have obtained medical records from all over the world including, but not limited to Europe, South America, Canada, etc.

Q: Can Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. offer a paperless system?

A: Yes. Our custom in house software package allows both our customers and ourselves to be totally paperless. This allows us both to operate more efficiently. Our customers have the ability to submit requests, update existing requests, get status, process authorizations and retrieve medical records directly from our website. Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. will format and provide your documents so you can view or download directly to your computer.

Q: Do you store documents and if so, for how long?

A: This is determined by your wants and needs.

Q: If a client has more than one claim with more than one company can we view each others information?

A: No. Our custom software recognizes your username and password and only gives access to those files submitted under your username and password.

Q: Can Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. process a special authorization?

A: Yes. Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. has a library of facility authorizations that can be viewed by customers at any time. Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. offers the processing and completion service of facility authorizations for you directly to your client.

Q: What are your charges for medical records and Attending Physician Statements?

A: We offer pricing choices to meet your needs. We offer great service for a great value.

Q: How do we order medical documents?

A: You may submit your request online using our secure custom software, HIPAA compliant website, or by fax once your account has been set up. Authorizations may be submitted online as an attachment to the request or faxed to our office.

Q: Can Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. provide separate invoices for different departments?

A: Yes. When requested we can invoice to separate departments and send to the attention of different managers or team leaders.