Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. understands that a claims analyst needs to be able to make a payment decision in a timely manner. We complete a fast turn-around time. Documents can be scanned and uploaded to our site allowing the claims analyst to view their much needed information even faster. We offer the solution to a total paperless system that so many customers are looking for to accomplish more productivity while still controlling cost. Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. is the professional service for all of your medical records. We provide, but are not limited to, medical records, dental records, and pharmaceutical records.

Attending Physician Statements (APS)

Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. knows how important it is in receiving your Attending Physician Statements with a fast turn-around time. Once we receive the completed Attending Physician Statements we can upload it to our site allowing your underwriting staff to be even more productive. Providing completed Attending Physician Statements online is just another step allowing your facility to go paperless.

Quality Control

Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. offers a quality control department that is dedicated to inspecting all of your documents ensuring you are only paying for records that were requested. We have proven this most important step saves our customers thousands of dollars annually.

Rush Basis

Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. offers the solution for documents that are needed on a rush basis. We have a team that can handle those documents that were needed “yesterday.” From staying in close contact with the medical provider all the way to setting up overnight delivery for those medical facilities who cannot or will not fax documents, using one of our overnight accounts.

Facility Authorizations

Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. can provide when it is needed processing and receiving completed authorizations. We have a team that can make client contact directly making this step as effortless as possible

Online Authorization

Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. has an online library of facility authorizations. This authorization library grows everyday allowing us to make this step even easier for our customers.

Online Doctor & Facility Information

Our Online Doctor & Facility Information is a search tool which allows customers to search our online library helping locate street addresses, cities, zip codes, phone numbers, etc.

Hot Keys

We have installed as a part of our custom software package shortcuts for our customers allowing them to enter in request information with less keystrokes.