Medical Record Professionals

Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. is a service oriented facility providing both off and online medical record retrieval dedicated to insurance companies and attorneys. All of our team leaders have worked as a claims analyst or have worked in a legal environment. Between having leaders that have worked as a claims analyst and listening to what our customers needs are we are able to provide you with what is needed as efficiently as possible. Throughout history we have learned no matter how large or how small a task is, it’s much easier and efficient to complete these tasks as a team. We know the importance of being part of “the team.” Working together as a team we can accomplish all of your medical record needs.

Our Promise

Our PROMISE is to accomplish all aspects for completing document retrieval allowing our customers to be as productive as possible. We offer custom software and the latest technology combined with a professional staff that sets us apart in today’s document workplace. As one of our customers stated, “Working together as a team we have become a smooth running machine.”