Midwest Record Resource Program (MRRP)

MRRP is a custom user friendly software program design by Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. allowing us to be your medical record management tool. Medical record services with the click of a mouse, allowing actual time feedback status, medical record viewing, authorizations, and updates as they happen. We offer a free trial period and provide you with the best package available. Using our web site you have the ability to see the status of each request. When we receive the documents you need we provide them to you in the manner that will best suite your needs. You also have the ability to download your documents directly to your computer once they have been completed. Our website is available 24/7 with a 99.99 availability.


Midwest Record Retrieval, Inc. is dedicated to our customerís security. Our customers are protected with the best security encryption programs available allowing us to be completely HIPAA compliant.

Emergency Preparedness

Part of our quality control program has implemented a very in depth emergency preparedness program. From solar panels, fireproof, waterproof, hurricane, earthquake to vendor service agreements for our operating hardware, we are ready.

Medical Records Services Include

Status reports
Electronic documents
Online authorizations
Actual time status
User friendly software
Links to useful tools for doctor/facility information